How Important is QoS (Quality of Service) To Deciding a Bandwidth Solution?

When going via the choice process for a bandwidth solution …. For example T1 or DS3 bandwidth …. QoS is AND ought to be a main consideration.

What Does (and must) QOS Mean To You?

Quality of Service (QoS) Definition:

In laptop/telecom networks, a traffic engineering term. Refers to useful resource reservation manipulate mechanisms, not service first-class in line with se. Ability to prioritize packages, users, facts flows, or to guarantee records flow overall performance.

But you knew/realize that.

Alternative to QoS is excessive excellent “exceptional-attempt” community verbal exchange, with the aid of over-offering capability, such that it’s miles enough for predicted top traffic loads. But high QoS often receives careworn with high stage performance, or performed carrier first-rate (e.G., high bit price, low latency, low bit error chance, and different arcane measures).

From a person attitude, however, QoS in telephony and streaming video, it’s far necessary to try and degree the exceptional that the consumer actually experiences, known as “Quality of Experience” (or QoE), based totally on consumer belief or their level of pleasure. Thus QoS desires to track subscriber pleasure, which manifestly is subjective and varies on quite a number of things on the person cease.

And whilst blended with experience, you get a kind of hybrid degree that can be known as “Quality of Service Experience” (or QoSE), which tries to degree user enjoy relative to added best, irrespective of bit costs or other arcane measures. None of these rely if the consumer is not satisfied.

That’s what QoS way to me.

I agree with QoS is meant to measure the performance of the software brought to the end consumer. If we references QoE whilst discussing QoS, we can now follow an enjoy based model (QoE) to the conventional community measures of carrier delivery great (QoS). The addition of QoE to standard QoS measures permits us to restate my 1st line to “QoE is meant to measure the performance of the software nangs delivery experienced via the end person”.

Since QoS measures the overall performance of the utility, the degree of QoS varies relying on the application (Voice, VoIP, Video, Data, and so forth…). I consider that even as QoS offers an excellent indication of the overall performance of the delivery of the application, the degree need to be used hand-in-hand with a few form of revel in based version when to be had, consisting of QoE.

I guess QoS in in the attention of the beholder. It relies upon at the utility, the community, the level of site visitors and (no longer certain about this) the section of the moon. Yet every other degree of QoS is the MOS or Mean Opinion Score used in an attempt to quantize subjectivity inside the Voice application space. Then there’s the ITU-Ts Emodel…(so how become that phone name for you?)

In academia thousand of studies papers have been written and argued about. In the enterprise we’ve got visible large numbers of IEEE specifications concerning QoS which all depend upon an assumption: Layer a software program / CPU centric restore-it mechanism over satisfactory-effort IP comprising one or another packet prioritization scheme and you will have QoS. The enterprise calls this smooth QoS.

None of these schemes are suited to visitors crossing multiple operator domain names. MPLS over IP is a core generation, what we need for stop-to-cease QoS is an quit-to-quit solution. Hard QoS.

So how approximately setting out with a smooth slate design for global QoS. My starter for ten (for the sake of fending off pointless complexity) would be we could insist on best lessons of QoS: first-class-attempt and satisfactory-best. Best-attempt wishes no creation – thats what we are stuck with in modern day Internet – no guarantees in any way, you get what you get, take or depart it. Best-quality must by using definition enable IP networks for all the latency vital applications which includes voice, videoconferencing, gaming database replication…On a international scale.

And thats where the next few killer apps may come from if we are able to enforce instructions of QoS in a